Planning A Funeral For A Grandparent: Three Things To Consider

Planning any funeral can be complicated, but planning a funeral for a grandparent can bring with it a few unique challenges. If you are the person tasked with planning your grandparent's funeral, here are a few things to consider as you make the final arrangements:

Arrange Transportation For Mourners

Depending on your grandparent's age, he or she may have had friends who are no longer able to drive. Work with the funeral home and friends of the family to arrange for transportation so everyone has the chance to visit at the viewing or attend the funeral. This might mean renting a limousine or van to pick everyone up, or it might involve arranging a car pool between several people to provide transportation. Be sure to ask your grandparent's closest friends for a list of names you can contact before the service, as this will help you to ensure all who want to attend are able to.

Use Traditional Notification Options

Online obituaries and memorial websites offer a great way to share information about the loss of a loved one, but for older grandparents, you may want to consider traditional notification options as well. It may be likely that some of his or her friends still rely on the daily newspaper for obituaries, so be sure to have one published in the local paper where your grandparent lived. If he or she relocated after living in another city for many years, it may also be a good idea to post a notice in that city's paper as well.

File Appropriate Paperwork

There will be some paperwork for you to fill out after the death of your grandparent. If he or she received social security benefits, you will have to notify the government of the death. Your loved one may also qualify for a social security death benefit, which can be used toward the cost of the funeral. Your funeral home director can help you with acquiring the death certificate and filing this paperwork. In the event that there is no will or there are issues with people arguing over the possible inheritance from your grandparent, your funeral home director can also help you to find a probate attorney to help settle the estate.

Losing a grandparent isn't easy, and planning the funeral may be difficult for you as well. Ask a funeral home company like Conboy-Westchester Funeral Home Inc for guidance as you plan the services, and don't forget to talk to your family so their ideas can be incorporated into the funeral services as well.